My practice focuses on appeals in the State of Florida, whether they arise from family law proceedings, civil litigation, criminal cases, postconviction motions, tort actions, business disputes, or just about any other substantive practice areaAs is common for appellate attorneys, my law practice is not limited by subject matter or court, but rather, stage of litigation. As a dedicated appellate practitioner, I strive for proficiency in the skill set required for appeals—legal research, writing, and oral advocacy to judges. I also stay up to date on developments in the rules applicable to the appellate process, while leaving trial work to dedicated trial attorneys.  

Although I’m located in Tallahassee, I do not limit my practice to this geographic area. I am happy to represent clients in appeals or extraordinary writ proceedings before any circuit court in Florida, any of Florida’s five district courts of appeal, or the Florida Supreme Court.  

Trial Support

In addition to writing appellate briefs and arguing appeals, I offer trial support to attorneys. This support includes providing legal research, writing motions, and attending trial with an eye toward preserving potential issues for appeal.

Appellate Support

I am also happy to provide support to other appellate lawyers, by proofreading and providing feedback on briefs or acting as a moot-court judge to help you prepare for oral argument.

Lawton Law, PLLC

Located in Tallahassee. Able to Handle Appeals throughout Florida.




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